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With more than 20 years of experience, Allion notices that AIoT will be the tech trend in the next following years.We implement AI and Automation testing in AIoT validation services, including IoT, IoV, Heat Map Analysis, and Smart Living Consultancy. Moreover, we have built up a series of “Test Laboratories” for different ecosystem needs. In the era of IoT, all kinds of product testing will extend from traditional validations to practical application testing, which is closer to our users. This next-generational AI Robotic Testing can satisfy your consumers’ needs of improving product quality and shortening the time to launch their products to the market.

Allion Laboratories
Allion has, since 2010, been upgrading Mac models every year, including server Mac series, all-in-one iMac series, and portable MacBook. This Test Lab is well-equipped and is continually upgraded, providing third-party peripheral vendors interoperability testing services to prevent consumers from encountering possible hidden issues.
Allion’s USB Type-C laboratory has accumulated years of testing experiences. From the laboratory’s big data analysis, Allion’s USB Type-C Lab is able to provide USB-IF standard testing, customize fast testing service, and interoperability testing.
Technical Insight

With the widespread of the USB Type-C interface and its innovative features such as image transmission, charging, sound effect, and internet, Type-C is getting increasingly popular. Despite its various functions, Type-C faces issues when connected to a non-supporting device. This is where Billboard plays the key role as it instantly informs users the issues.

Nowadays, many people use Bluetooth to play music wirelessly. However, unsynchronized image and sound is one of the biggest issues that could happen during Bluetooth connection and transmission. Allion provides a relatively objective measuring method to ensure that vendors can produce high-quality products within their budgets.

Allion Media Center
Allion’s AIoT Robotic testing utilizes AI & IoT technologies, which strives to design and create automation tests, as well as to leverage time and optimize the overall workflow.

Allion’s newly launched “AI Robotic Testing” designed for Mesh Wi-Fi systems can simulate user roaming scenarios in crowded and large setting, and measure the signal coverage and strength between APs.

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Line Up with Allion! Explore New Possibility All Over the World!
In January, Allion has showcased our capabilities in three  tradeshows worldwide, from Intersec 2019 in Dubai, Automotive World 2019 in Tokyo, to CES in Las Vegas. We have met elites in Security, Automotive, and IT sectors, together we explored opportunities for bettering their own products or solutions. Anything impossible could be possible!
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