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Allion is the only test lab in Asia to provide Typhoon 8.0 HALT testing services. Exposing your DUT under different levels of stress conditions, the testing time is reduced from months to a few days. HALT tests can expose the weaknesses of your products in a short time, enabling you to find out product defects and flaws within days..

Allion News Express

Growing international demand for the broadband industry’s first performance testing standard for indoor Wi-Fi, Broadband Forum’s BBF.398, has led to Allion Labs (Taiwan) being approved as a new testing lab.

Allion Services

As a pioneer and market leader in the testing industry, Allion works closely with global associations to develop industry standards. Our testing capabilities cover wired and wireless automotive networking application.

Once activated, servers must run 24/7 round the clock. Every piece of components on the servers should go through validations to meet the high performance requirements.

As audio/video technologies develop, software and hardware need to collaborate to support AR/VR, home theaters, online gaming, and many more applications. Allion's Display Ecosystem Validation will provide you with a complete solution.

Technical Insight

When transmitting data wirelessly, WiFi 6 (802.11ax) requires higher energy intensity (RSSI) than WiFi 5 (802.11ac). If the test environment cannot meet the maximum transmission rate of WiFi 6 throughput, the product cannot be verified correctly. In the case study, Allion has conducted tests on 3 laptop systems to show the influence of antennae placement and hardware design on the throughout performance.

Standard Program Events

Bluetooth SIG: Working Group Summit- Virtual Lisbon 2021

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