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Did you know that wind tunnels need to go through 3,000 hours of testing?
Once activated, servers must run all year round. Even a tiny piece of component, such as a wind tunnel, requires the best performance in harsh environmental conditions. Every piece of components on the servers should go through validations to meet the high-performance requirements.

Allion Validation

According to the J.D. Power 2020 Initial Quality Study (IQS) SM, almost 1/4 of all problems reported by new car owners relate to head units, such as touchscreens, wireless connectivity, and built-in voice recognition issues.

The performance of head unit has a great impact on brand perception.Choose Allion to Enhance the Quality of Your Head Unit Product.

In the last industrial revolution, machines were introduced, and a significant part of human workforce were replaced by automations. The result is a huge leap in work efficiency, productivity, and consistent quality.

Allion IIoT Solution is specifically designed to provide customized solutions for businesses that are ready to embrace industrial IoT. Our solution includes software and hardware integration, cloud-based platforms that can be customized and utilized in six different applications.

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Allion Labs, Inc. in Taipei, Taiwan, a leading USB-IF Independent Test Lab (ITL) adopts the Teledyne LeCroy LabMaster 10 Zi-A with QPHY-USB4-TX-RX software to improve USB4™ electrical compliance test throughput.

Technical Insight

Manufacturing is a complex process that involves various stages of incoming supply control, production, verification, packaging, and shipment. Every segment of the manufacturing process is governed by strict operational procedures and quality requirements. Audit and inspection are at the forefront of product quality to avoid defects being carried out to the end of the manufacturing process. But one inspection is not enough, brands will deploy QA engineering teams or outsourcing contractors to engage in random audits and FATP to maintain high yield rates.

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