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Allion joined this year’s Japan IT Week Autumn with the new Allion AI Solution, an integration of AI Tools which can be utilized for manufacturing, research & development, gaming, and popular applications in the world of IoT. Test demonstrations were also showcased at the venue. Visitors had the chance to learn how AI solution is utilized to verify some of the most popular IoT applications —IVI, as well as gaming. As an experienced test lab, Allion offers detailed inspections on every stage of product development, while giving vendors a comprehensive consultancy regarding the validation and verification of their products.

Technical Insight

Regarding the new topic of 8K, it could trace back to that Japan mention 8K TV broadcast for 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Because of this topic, 8K TV is very on trend. In order to enable 8K TV manufacturers to quickly get the HDMI 2.1-compliant admission ticket, Allion actively cooperated with related instrument manufacturers to develop Allion’s SCDC controller (AJSC-1) integrated into the 8K related electrical test.

Wireless keyboards with 2.4G and Bluetooth technology are increasing as wireless connectivity technology matures, and more and more users are choosing to use wireless keyboards to pursue speed and convenience. We have summarized the issues which cause by 2.4G wireless coexistence conditions of 2.4G keyboard and Bluetooth keyboard.

In the APP development process, information assets and risk management are quite important, but in fact, many companies have no testers or have non-professional testers. Allion can simulate the hacking methods to conduct security detection on various systems, evaluate their risks and provide solutions. Allion provides customized security risk detection based on user scenarios and product features.

In the Approved Vendor List certification, Google defines the requirement of minimum specifications and features for each component, and also defines the requirement for items’ verification testing. Since 2016, Allion has worked closely with Google and become Google’s third-party Chromebook Approved Vendor List test lab to help Google improve the quality of the components.

Allion News Express
The HDMI Forum announces an updated release of the Compliance Test Specification: CTS2.1, Lookup Table, CDF 2.1c and MOIs for Sink Devices. This version includes a revised CTS version 2.1c for Sinks; and 47 new and 8 revised MOIs, primarily related to FRL features. Adopters are encouraged to use this new document and the latest MOIs.

VESA hosted a press conference in Taipei on 18th November to announce the latest specifications—DisplayPort 2.0, DisplayHDR 1.1 and the new DisplayHDR 1400 performance level. The latest DisplayPort 2.0 not only supports FEC, DSC, and HDR metadata, it also enables 3X increase in video bandwidth compared to its predecessor, DisplayPort 1.4a. VESA also updated the DisplayHDR specificaiton, putting tigther requirements on the performance of display, such as luminance and gamut, and requires displays to pass the active dimming test.
Allion, as a long-time partner and Authorized Test Center (ATC) of VESA, was invited to join the press conference and share our experiences in testing and certifying DisplayHDR. DisplayHDR 1.1 testing is also available now.

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