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Allion and SGS jointly hold a Connected Car Forum in Tokyo, Japan

Allion and SGS jointly held a Connected Car Forum in Tokyo on July 30, 2019. More than 100 automakers, parts suppliers, and vendors in the IoV industry gathered together to join the event. In the forum, Allion and SGS demonstrated one-stop solutions for automakers embracing 5G and IoV. For future automotives, Allion and SGS can assist automakers in conducting tests covering from wireless technologies, sensors, to electronic devices in and outside smart cars. This comprehensive solution is designed to cater the needs of different C.A.S.E validations. Whether it is for connected cars, autonomous, car sharing, and even electronic vehicles, Allion and SGS are ready to offer the right test solutions to enhance car qualities and performance.

Intergrated Solution
Allion knows that functionality tests are no longer sufficient in this world of IoT. The QRS (Quality Requirement Specification) Program is launched to define testing specifications for customer’s products to meet industry standard, offering brand companies, manufacturers, and retailers/ channel stores an efficient way to validate the product’s interoperability, stability, and functionality with the ecosystem.
Allion’s AI Testing Services integrates AI Testing Control System, robotic arms, and Visual Recognition System to build smarter and customized tests for vendors. We offer scenario-based tests, along with implementations of hardware and software to ensure the quality of devices under test.
In the past, camera makers have to build different real environments to test camera’s software, but now, with Allion’s new launched “simulation engine testing solution,” it is allowed to select any VR (Virtual Reality) like scene to verify camera algorithms effectively and efficiently. Our testing scenarios can be customized designed according to demanding applications.
Technical Insight

From smart bracelets, watches to VR glasses, wearable devices are widely used in many applications. But unlike traditional consumer electronics, wearable devices are typically stripped to user’s arm or head for a long time, and can be used in activities like outdoor sports, indoor fitness, swimming, and more. This Lab validates smart wearable devices with the Fusion Sensor Validation Library (Motion Library).

Allion News Express
As USB Type-C gets increasingly popular, issues regarding its certification process and test eligibility also arise. USB-IF has recently made an announcement to all ITL regarding the eligibility of USB Type-C configurations. Allion has organized a checklist for vendors who intend to send their products, cables, and connectors for USB Type-C Receptacle Connector certification.
Allion Japan was accredited to be one of the first HDR10+ Test Labs in 2018, and has provided services for world-leading brands such as Panasonic and Samsung to obtain their HDR10+ Certifications. Now, the Certification Program is also available at Taipei and Shenzhen Labs.
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