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Allion X III: The Secret Code of IoT Ecosystem
Institution for Information Industry (III), the non-governmental organization that aims to support the developments of high-tech industries in Taiwan, hosted “Smart Home Smart Life” press conference in Taichung, Taiwan, September 20. The CEO of Allion, Summer Chien, was invited to share Allion’s layouts of the upcoming IoT generation. Mr. Chien specified 4 key successful factors of IoT devices, as well as introducing 6 approaches of Allion’s IoT validation services. We also provided technical consulting after the event.
Technical Insight
More and more SSD vendors have applied the newly invented “3D NAND Flash” and “NVMe Communications Protocol” to their latest products. In this article, we not only explained how these two technologies affect the current SSD market but also analyzed the increasing demands of different SSD users and shared how they perceive the quality of their storage equipment.
Allion News Express
We recently found vendors often face challenges when testing those “USB-C” products support USB BC V1.2 via our USB-IF certified test equipment, UCPET. Therefore, we develop two new test fixtures, "AUT17032" and "AUT17034," allowing to convert USB-C signals to UCPET’s USB Micro-B port.
Uncertified Charger Caused Fire at Japan’s Busiest Train

A portable phone charger caught fire in one of the busiest train lines, Yamanote line, in Tokyo, Japan. Allion Japan, collaborated with International Alliances such as IEC 62684 and MCPC to eliminate security concerns of power charger, summarized three possible causes of this incident during an interview with IT media. (a) The lack of overheat/overload protection mechanism; (b) the low quality of the charger’s lithium battery; (c) the damages of the structure caused by improper usage.

Event Review
Allion DP 1.4/Alt Mode Workshop @Tokyo
Allion is the only VESA authorized test lab provides all DP 1.4 certification categories. To better serve our clients, we hosted “DisplayPort 1.4/Alt Mode Workshop” in Tokyo, Japan, September 27 - 28, 2017. The workshop not only included a DP1.4/Alt Mode Plugfest, but Allion Japan also provided a DP1.4 Certified 8K monitor and a bi-direction USB Type-C to DP cable for compatibility test.
Allion @Vancouver: USB Developer Days
USB Developer Days was been held in Vancouver, Canada, September 26 - 27. USB-IF specifically introduced the latest USB 3.2 specification, which allows USB-C cables to transfer data over “multiple lanes” for up to two lanes of 5 Gbps or two lanes of 10 Gbps operation. As the only Authorized Test Lab (ATL) provides all USB compliance testing for comprehensive product categories, Allion, as always, sponsored The DevDays and set up booth to provide technical consulting for all USB-IF members.
HUAWEI CONNECT 2017, hosted by Huawei Technologies, was successfully rounded off in Shanghai, September 5-7. Collaborated with 100+ vendors, HUAWEI showed their new achievements in the “Cloud Generation.” As the long-term business partner of HUAWEI, Allion was invited to display our Cloud-related validation services, providing supports for their future directions.
Allion Upcoming Events
Q4 ’17 Thunderbolt 3 Developer Conference – Taipei, Taiwan
USB-IF Compliance Workshop #106
– Taipei, Taiwan
2017 Allion Cable & Connector Technical Forum #2 – Shenzhen, China
2017 Allion Cable & Connector Technical Forum #3 – Shanghai, China
2017 Allion Cable & Connector Technical Forum #4 – Tokyo, Japan
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