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We are excited to announce that Allion has been approved as the Authorized Test Lab for Amazon Alexa. Developers and manufacturers can work directly with us and utilize our lab to test and submit your product for certification. During the test, we will use test automation and a series of checklist provided by Amazon to ensure that your product meets acoustics, music, functionality, and user experience (UX) requirements. We will also generate certification test results in the form of Alexa Qualification Tool (AQT) reports and manual checklists, for submission to Amazon.

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The COVID-19 pandemic is hitting the consumer electronics industry globally and has a great impact on our daily life. As many states have issued shelter-in-place orders, Allion understands the difficulty to maintain product schedule and the economic impact at this critical time. To stand by our customers, we will continue to deliver a wide spectrum of Bluetooth Qualification services by offering the best prices.

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The COVID-19 pandemic makes it hard to meet product launch schedules. To help our customers optimize the quality of their products during this critical time, Allion has conducted a series of webinars in Taiwan, Japan, and China based on different product development needs. The topics cover wireless AP/Router solutions, validations for Alexa Built-in devices/Alexa for PC, and validation for Smart Home IoT devices. Allion is now planning for more webinars in Asia.

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Smart blood pressure monitor has become the top choice for tracking blood pressure at home. However, those smart features of the automatic blood pressure monitor might not work as expected. In this case study, Allion engineering team recreates user-behaviors and environments in real-life scenarios, examining potential risks that affect user experience.

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