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Smart Car is bringing revolutionary changes to the way we drive by adopting various information and communication technologies. Allion’s Smart Car Validation offers a series of testing to verify sensors, controllers, and in-car communication devices. We ensure every part of your vehicle works efficiently and seamlessly with each other, delivering exceptional driving experiences that meet users’ expectations.



Smart Car Validation
Allion Initial Quality Study

Quality surveys are important factors when it comes to decision making, considering these studies truly reflect user issues in real-life scenarios. Allion integrates various industry-leading survey facilities, such as J.D. Power, Consumer Reports, Nikkei Automotive, and What Car?, and derived a Quality Index for automotive validation to ensure the cars meet users’ expectations.

In-vehicle Ambient Light Sensor (ALS) Validation

Ambient light sensors detect the changes of light in the surrounding environment. They are commonly used in automobile displays to avoid the screen being too bright when driving through dark places and vice versa. It is crucial to get the ALS validated to ensure safe driving.

Validation Testing for In-Car Displays

Automakers have gradually replaced physical buttons with in-car displays, such as digital dashboard, center console, heads up display, entertainment systems. With so many camera accessories in cars, validation could be overwhelming. Allion validation for Car Displays will help automakers to build a flawless display ecosystem and enable unprecedented visual and driving experience.

Automotive G-sensor Validation Test

G-sensor is used for detecting and sensing sudden acceleration and deceleration. It is widely used in various vehicle devices, including airbag systems, dead reckoning capability, emergency call systems, and driving recorders. Allion's G-sensor validation test ensures the stability and accuracy of the G-sensor detection function to instantly respond to sudden traffic accidents.

Validation Test for Keyless Entry and Digital Key System

In the pursuit of convenience, world-leading automakers have started to deploy keyless entry systems and digital keys, bringing car owners unprecedented user experience. However, this trend also comes with unforeseen security risks. Allion integrates our capability in security and RF testing to provide vendors a total solution for keyless entry and digital keys.

Automotive Camera Lens Validation Test

Driving safety has always been a priority for all manufacturers and drivers. ADAS with camera lenses has become a mainstream product in the auto industry. However, is the road environment computed and analyzed from the images captured by the lens accurate and usable? Allion’s automotive camera lens validation makes sure they do.

Automotive Millimeter Wave Radar Validation

Millimeter wave (mmWave) radar has been widely used on the Internet of Vehicles and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) to detect objects that are difficult to capture through lenses under the influence of distance or environmental factors. This radar plays a crucial role in helping drivers maintaining safe distances, and is thus a compulsory item.

In-car Wireless Charger Validation

According to IHS market research, vehicles with wireless chargers have grown rapidly all around the world, with an estimate of 1.7 million units by 2020. In response to the market trend, Allion Labs offers a test service for in-car wireless charging. From safety mechanism, charging performance, charging efficiency, to interoperability, Allion Labs strictly controls the quality of wireless charging devices to protect the safety of drivers and passengers.

Automotive Wireless Device Validation

Nowadays, the most prevalent wireless communication technologies used in cars are Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, which are used in tracing in-car information and entertainment system, keyless entry, and many more. To ensure in-car wireless devices can be smoothly connected and harmoniously coordinated, Allion offers in-car communication device testing to realize a complete wireless ecosystem for cars.

In-vehicle Network System Validation

Smart cars have diverse communication control interfaces. Therefore, in-vehicle networks must complete data transmission in a complicated working environment; In the advent of self-driving cars, in-vehicle network testing has become a crucial part of normal vehicle operations.

Dash Cam Validation

According to a report by Mordor Intelligence, the global dash cam market was valued at US$2.5 billion in 2018, and the compound annual growth rate is estimated to reach 15.4% from year 2019 to 2024. As more dash cams are being used, Allion introduces solutions to ensure the stability, functionality, as well as the performance of dash cams in different user-scenarios.

In-Vehicle Global Navigation Satellite System Testing

Navigation satellite system is being widely applied in transportation. Allion offers three major testing services for satellite signals: Simulation Test, Prerecorded Test, and Field Test to offer versatile services to meet different needs.

Technical Insight

With the rise of IoT, in-premises wireless devices are soaring as well. However, is our home APs capable of handling such massive wireless network? How will the distance between the AP and the devices affect signal strength? In this article, Allion conducts an experiment in a real residential building and studies the relationship among distance, coverage, and throughput of the APs and devices.

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