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Allion Labs has entered into a joint venture with SGS. This new partnership, SGS-ALLION Automotive Communications, will provide world-class one-stop testing, inspection and certification solutions for emerging Internet of Vehicles (IoV) supply chains. This JV spans the fields of automotive electronics, network communications, software development and other IoV technologies. Automakers are facing challenges tapping into the intelligent and connected vehicle market to address a lack of global standards and regulations. SGS-ALLION Automotive Communications creates a one-stop technological shop, removing the need to work with different third-party organizations.

AIoT Ecosystem
In the era of IoT, software ecosystem has been on the rise with the rapid development of operating systems, hardware, and software. New testing solutions are needed to ensure interoperability of the software ecosystem.
To cater to the uprising of Dolby Atmos ecosystem, Allion’s rich testing experience and an expansive variety of Atmos devices will help vendors validate the stability, functionality, and interoperability of products in various applications, ensuring they closely meet the demands and expectations of users.
Test & Certifications
As the appointed third-party test lab of Wi-SUN Alliance, Allion has recently conducted the first wave of Wi-SUN FAN certification for world-leading technology enterprises. Our test solutions will guarantee your Wi-SUN products to be perfectly interoperable with other smart devices.
Smart devices, AI, alongside software-and hardware are leading us toward a new lifestyle. However, before digital engineering is wholly a part of our daily lives, attention needs to be paid to signal integrity. Only with an integrated signal transmission can we ensure the stability of products and services and reduce the likelihood of potential risks from occurring.
Technical Insight

Nowadays, Dolby Atmos can be found not only in cinemas, home theaters, but also on PCs, gaming, streaming Apps, and even mobile phones. But how does Dolby Atmos work on mobile phone without the speakers? And do Dolby Atmos supported phones out there really deliver surround sound effects? In this article, we will unveil everything you need to know about Dolby Atmos on mobiles.

Allion News Express
Allion is accredited by the Wi-Fi Alliance to launch the certification of Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Passpoint® Release 3. The latest Release 3 certification focuses on offering users better mobile experiences with faster connections, better versatility, and stronger security.
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