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Allion has recently established our first Europe Branch in Budapest, Hungary and is ready to offer our current and potential consumers testing services in Europe. Now consumers can have timely and direct access to our engineering services including Standard Certification, Product Validation, and Technical Consultation, along with the latest AI robotic testing. With our versatile testing methodologies, Allion will be offering tailored testing solutions and consultancy to assist our current and potential consumers getting their products certified.

Allion News Express
More and more high-end gaming products are embedded with USB Type-C as it delivers a more versatile solution to connecting devices. While testing USB Type-C, Allion notices some occurring issues such as fail in plug and play, black screens, and damages in displays. These issues could severely sabotage consumers’ satisfaction, but Allion has solutions to overcome these obstacles.
Allion News Express
Allion has recently been recognized by IMAX Corporation and Xperi Corporation as an Authorized Test Center (ATC) for the IMAX Enhanced program, which is a brand new certification and licensing program that combines the highest-end consumer electronics products with IMAX digitally remastered 4K HDR content and DTS audio technologies.
Allion Japan was recently acknowledged by the HDR10+ Technologies as the ATC of HDR10+. Now Allion is ready to offer consumers an access to HDR10+ logo certification. Along with HDR 10+, Allion also provides a range of display and A/V interface standard certifications, such as UHDA, DisplayHDR, and HDMI.
Allion has been authorized to perform LoRaWAN™ certifications and tests within the ISM band 923 MHz specific for the Asia market. As AI and IoT gets increasingly prevalent, Allion stands ready to deliver solutions to vendors who are looking to adopt LPWANs in their products.
Event Review
The OCF Plugfest #19 ended with a success on September 21, 2018.The five-day event, starting from September 17th, gathered vendors to perform conformance tests against the updated version 2.1 of the Conformance Testing Tool, along with three newly announced testing tools including the OCF Interoperability Development Board, the OCF Technology Generic Client, and OCF Device Spy.
Smart Home Forum @ Allion—leading you to the world of AIoT
The Smart Home Forum was organized by Allon with the purpose to introduce Smart Home applications to participating guests. At the event Allion led the discussion by addressing issues such as the future of smart home, smart home designs, and the challenges of building the smart living ecosystem. Allion also demonstrated the smart home ecosystem by introducing the Innovation Home to the vendors.
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HDMI Adopter Developers Conference 2018 in Shengzhen

HDMI Adopter Developers Conference 2018 in Taipei

HDMI Adopter Developers Conference 2018 in Tokyo Japan


HDMI Adopter Developers Conference 2018 in Seoul, Korea

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