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Allion now is presenting our first ever video on our IVI Verification Services to bring you a quick and lively overview. Nowadays, IVI solutions have been in various designs tailored to different product applications and markets. We are also offering multiple IVI Verification Services upon the needs of our customers to make sure that R&D team can be always stay ahead as we are welcoming IoT era .
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Independently developed by Allion, our test system for Bluetooth 5 is only one step away from the final official authorization after acceptance processes. As our appreciation to the long-term support from our customers, we are now offering free Bluetooth 5 Qualification Services. Don’t miss this chance and please contact us via the phone number: +886 2772 8800. BT 5 samples are required from applicants for the testing .

Mobile Computing Promotion Consortium (MCPC), based in Japan, on this April 20th is holding the first ever seminar in Taiwan with highlights on mobile charger market overview, its prospects and MCPC guidelines & certification program. Allion is the first official certification testing lab for MCPC certification program and will present testing focuses for a higher chance to achieve successful USB & USB Type-C™ and PD testing results as well as an introduction to its certification processes .

SD Association is once again offering a face-to-face interaction chance, and SD 5.1/6.0 standards announced just in this Feb as well as SD application prospects and compliance issues will be the topics. During this 2017 SDA Global Workshop Taipei on April 24th, Anne Tsou, the head of Strategy & Planning division of Allion and the SDA Marketing Committee Chair, will be the speaker for SD market overview section while Shirley Lee, Senior Manager of Allion and the SDA Marketing Committee Taiwan Vice Chair , will host the SDA logo section.

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Foreseeing the market growth potentials, Allion Lab also set a booth during the Embedded world 2017, with the exhibits under our special invitation to several of our business partners, including JVCKENWOOD, Clarion, Elitegroup, Switchmate, Cat® Phones, Kodak and U-Way to demonstrate our latest IoT-related engineering service performance by serval certified products that our business partners had already launched on the markets, including wireless charging devices, In-Vehicle Infotainment system and home smart appliances. Furthermore, during this trade fair we also offered professional consulting in details of our testing services with solutions, especially on the subject of technologies integration across various standards under IoT, as our guests interested.
Allion’s Speech on HDMI Developer Conference Inspired Audience Widely
Brian Shih, a Director of Allion also an expert of cable & connector, as one of the speakers attended HDMI Developer Conference 2017 held in Shenzhen and Taipei by HDMI Licensing Administrator, Inc., introducing an in-depth overview of HDMI Alt Mode over USB Type-C™ and of HDMI cable testing. With his lucid and brilliant presentation, the audience was widely inspired and expressed their interests in our engineering services one after another. We are glad that our professionals in testing are once again being recognized .
Bluetooth UnPlugFest 56 in Atlanta U.S.A. Revealed Testing Tips
As one of the gold sponsors to the Bluetooth Unplugfest 56, Allion offered consulting services during the event held from Feb. 13th to 16th in Atlanta, U.S.A. for those interested in our engineering services among the around 200 visitors representing of more than 70 companies. The unplugfest this year focused on testing of the features of Bluetooth 5 as well as its interoperability regarding validation of the products from the members .
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