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Since the release of the certification of USB4™ Gen3 in 2020, more than a dozens of industry-leading cable and connector manufacturers have passed the certification tests at Allion Labs. Allion has been working closely with USB-IF to draft the standards of USB4, and in addition to USB4 Gen3 certifications, we also provide testing services for other USB compliance programs.

Technical Insight

As technology advances, automobiles are also undergoing revolutionary transformations. Cars are no longer just a way of transportation, but a complex network made up of various software and hardware components. In this article, Allion expert is going to introduce the test details of TC9 for Car Ethernet (Frequency within 1~600MHz) and the type of testing instruments used in the validations.

BSOD, the infamous blue screen of death, is one of the frequently encountered issues for Windows users. In this article, Allion expert is going to help you identify the possible root causes and provide you the solutions to resolve the problems.

Allion News Express

The USB Implementers Forum has recently released USB 3.2 RFI System-Level test procedure (Rev1.1). This test is only applicable to systems with USB Type-C® Connectors that support data speed of 5Gbps and above. This RFI testing will be added to the existing USB 3.2 compliance test by Q2, 2021.

Allion is approved by the Universal Stylus Initiative (USI) to offer certification services for USI active stylus, including the USI standard protocol and electrical testing. The USI defines the industry’s first open standards for cross-system active styluses. Compared with other stylus specifications, USI offers less expensive, low power yet highly accurate standard implementations.

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