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For years, Allion has been trusted by industry partners and clients as we provide solid testing and certification services to ensure the quality of your products. Now, as companies face new challenges amid the waves of AI transformations, we offer solutions to minimize your gap to embracing a smarter business and management. With our brand new AI Solutions, which comprises of visual recognition, audio sensors, big data, and smart automation, we can help you find the right way to tackle the issues. The first series of our AI Solutions is designed to cope with the difficulties that engineers are likely to encounter when validating apps, PCs and OS, and software of smart TVs. Click the icons below to learn more:

AI Solutions for Product Research & Development

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AI Validation Solutions for
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Technical Insight

In this case study, Allion engineering team conducts tests on USB-C to HDMI dongles to learn if issues occur during DisplayPort to HDMI conversions. According to the test results, the brightness and color of the displays can be affected when using USB-C to HDMI dongles. To avoid such issues, Allion presents the DisplayPort Advanced Test Program to further ensure the quality and interoperability of dongles.

Allion News Express

Allion Japan is moving our technical department to Katsushima of Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo due to the rapid growth in test and certification demands. The new test lab enables us to offer an even larger scale of testing, spanning across various industries like automotive, IT, and Smart Home. For more information regarding the new test lab, please click read more.

Standard Program Events

Bluetooth SIG Working Group Summit – Lisbon

Wi-SUN Alliance Member Meeting Spring 2020 – North Carolina, USA

Thread Group Members Meeting – Texas, USA

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