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TV has been the control center of smart home. It is able to connect IoT devices, playback streaming video, and also allow users to control TV with voice recognition technology. But have you ever thought that, when a brand vendor launches a new model, the model should have gone through various tests!? This video is gonna share about the challenges that TV vendors might face during the product development process and how we can help them validate and certify TV.

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Wi-Fi CERTIFIED WiGig Brings you Multi-gigabit Speed & Multi-band Capacity!
Allion is trilling to announce that we are able to provide Wi-Fi WiGig Certification-Release 2 from now. WiGig utilizes the uncongested 60 GHz band to transmit data at multi-gigabit per second speeds with low latency. A certified WiGig device can also have multi-band Wi-Fi capacity to transfer between the existing Wi-Fi 2.4, 5 or 60GHz. Wi-Fi WiGig could be applied to any data intensive applications, such as AR/VR devices or in any high speed indoor infrastructure.
Executive Advisor of Allion Japan, Mr. Ohara received “Distinguished Service Award” from SD Association during its 2018 Summer Board/Committee Interim Meeting in Sapporo, Japan. The award recognizes both Ohara’s and Allion’s long-term contributions to the SD specification development and SD technology promotion.
Recently, HDMI LA has expanded its product categories in the Premium HDMI Cable Certification Program (up to 6G), range from the existing Wire Cable to the Active Cable. The certified “Premium Active HDMI Cable” is able to support the full 18Gbps bandwidth with the EMI test that ensures cables minimize interference with wireless signals. Allion has planned the “Premium Active HDMI Cable” testing service which will be available in the fourth quarter of 2018.
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Allion@Shenzhen China USB PD& USB Type-C Asia Forum 2018
USB PD & USB Type-C Asia Forum 2018 was successfully rounded off on 25th, July and has attracted more than 17 hundreds attendees. At this event, Allion was responsible for USB Type-C™ Charging and DP Alt Mode Plugfest, which provides opportunities for vendors to test interoperability of their products and also get instructive suggestions from our consulting group at the venue.
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