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Launched by Apple in 2014, Apple CarPlay is a connected car application that helps people to use their iPhones more safely while driving. Allion China and Japan, following the step of Allion Taiwan, are now available to locally perform CarPlay USB Signal Integrity (USB SI) Test. We will keep assisting our clients with processing tests to obtain the related product certifications.
Technical Insight
Announcing by the Intel-affiliated Digital Content Protection, LLC (DCP, LLC), Allion Shanghai, after Allion Taiwan, Japan, and Shenzhen (China), has also become the Authorized Test Center of HDCP 1.4 and 2.2. Now, we are able to provide a more localized testing service in the Great China Region.
Allion can now provide the “Early Certification Test” for DisplayPort 1.4 Cable, the latest certification program of VESA. We are also the only Authorized Test Lab (ATL) can assist vendors with obtaining all DP 1.4 certification categories.

Event Review
Allion Bluetooth Qualification Expert Conference @Tokyo
From July 3 to 7, 2017, Allion hosted a five-day Bluetooth Qualification Expert Conference in Tokyo, Japan. During the Conference, we provided BQE (Bluetooth Qualification Expert) consulting services, which included illuminating the Bluetooth Qualification Process and Certification Preparation, estimating the Certification Fee, and explicating critical test issues.
Allion @Shenzhen VESA DisplayPort Workshop
VESA DisplayPort Workshop 2017 in Shenzhen, co-organized by Allion, was held on July 5 at Allion’s Shenzhen office. Allion shared the professions and experiences of DisplayPort Alt Mode over USB-C, DisplayPort 1.4 standard, and related testing requirements.
Allion @Shenzhen 2017 Wi-Fi Technical Training #3
The highly-apprised Wi-Fi Technical Training was again held in Shenzhen on July 6, 2017. Allion’s Wi-Fi authority, Wenji Lee, shared the latest Wi-Fi program updates that were announced during the WFA members meeting in Vancouver in June. Moreover, he explicated the common testing issues of popular Certification Programs, including Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Location™, Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ ac, Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ n, etc.
Allion @Shenzhen GW Instek Summer Seminar
Allion China President, Mark Lai, was again invited as a panel speaker for the 2017 GW Instek Summer Seminar in Shenzhen. During his session, Mark not only introduced the most popular USB Certification, USB-C™, in depth but also shared the common issues that were often met during the Certification Test.
Allion@Tokyo Tektronix Innovation Forum & Keithley Day 2017
Allion Japan offered consulting services in Tektronix Innovation Forum 2017, attracting many guests for our testing services in high speed transmissions. We also demonstrated our HDMI fixtures for promotion.
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