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USB-IF announced 3 new USB Type-C certification items: USB 2.0 Peripherals with USB Type-C™ (no USB PD), USB 2.0 Embedded Hosts with USB Type-CTM (no USB PD) and Alternate Mode Adapters. For years Allion actively cooperated with USB-IF to provide fast certification services for customers, and now has become the only test lab to provide all USB certification categories, including hosts, devices/peripherals, cable assemblies & connectors, power delivery, etc.
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Wi-Fi Alliance in June 2017 held its general member meeting in Vancouver, Canada and announced its technical update schedule of the coming year. In this event, WFA also announced the winners of Wi-Fi Member Recognition Award, given to the members greatly contributing to the Wi-Fi technology or to cooperating closely with WFA in developing and promoting Wi-Fi programs. Allion is very proud to announce that Allion and Mr. Wenji Lee, our technical assistant manager, were both awarded this year.

As a listing company in Japan with its main businesses of Car Electronics around the world, Pioneer held its annual general meeting in this June. By this occasion, Allion was awarded as Pioneer Best Partner. It is our honor to have this recognition for our contributions into Pioneer product development. More than logo certifications, Allion also provides customized quality services that can help our clients to efficiently achieve optimal product quality.

Event Review
Allion @ China_ More IoT Application was Exhibited in CES Asia
CES Asia was held in Shanghai during June 7th to 9th. Internet of thing and smart home still went viral. With an invitation by OCF, Allion offered face-to-face consulting for IoT and wireless related certification and testing. Customized testing plan and interoperability test were highly interested by our guests.
Allion @Taiwan_Extensive Testing Services were Introduced in Allion Connected Car Seminar

As IVI system market is growing fast, the interoperability involving wider ecosystem is also burning in the related industries. Allion IVI Taipei seminar was held in June 20th at Allion Taipei. The sessions included extensive related testing services: Logo certification and interoperability testing, Apple Carplay certification, ITU-T Recommendations and wireless charging in car. Mr. Jan-Willem Vonk, WPC Qi Technical Chair, was our special VIP to host the session of wireless charging in car.

Allion@Taiwan _ Allion Co-organized Both VESA DisplayPort Workshop & Plugfest 2017

VESA DisplayPort Workshop 2017 in Taipei, hosted by VESA, was held yesterday on June 22nd in the Westin Taipei hotel. Allion by invitation shared our professions and experiences of DisplayPort Alt Mode on USB Type-C, DisplayPort 1.4 standard and related testing requirements. In addition, VESA Plugfest 2017 was co-organized by Allion and held on Monday, June 26th for 4 days at the same location. By this event, Allion was also providing volunteer testing services for other members.

Allion@Taiwan _ 2017 Wi-Fi Technical Training #3 @ Allion Taipei

2017 W-Fi Technical training is highly appraised. Taipei session was held in June 29th. Allion experts shared of the Wi-Fi updated technologies and its certification testing, the most popular Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Location™, Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ ac, Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ n, etc. as well as in-depth analysis for common issues.

Allion Upcoming Events
VESA DisplayPort Workshop @ Shenzhen, China
2017 Wi-Fi Technical Training #3 @ Allion – Shenzhen, China
Unveiling In-Vehicle-Infotainment: Allion Connected Car Seminar @ Tokyo, Japan
Huawei Connect 2017 @ Shenzhen, China
Standard Program Events
OCF PlugFest #13 – Seoul, Korea
USB-IF Compliance Workshop #104-Portland, USA
USB-IF Compliance Workshop #105-Portland, USA
USB Developer Days – Vancouver, Canada
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